Captain Mitch’s Airboat Tours

Redneck owned and operated

Captain Mitch House has been in the airboat tour and tourist attraction industry since he was knee-high to a bullfrog. He ended up following in the footsteps of his great grandfather Barrel Head House, who built one of the first commercial airboats in 1945. Built from three sheets of plywood and a few 2×4′s . Powered with a slant six tank motor and a sawed off jet prop with no cage. These were primitive work boats. Barrel Head used this as a fishing guide in the Flamingo and Florida Bay areas of the Florida Everglades. This was a great way to gain access to the shallow salt flats of Florida Bay. Where he took tourists charter fishing for snook, reds, trout, tarpon and many other fish species in the now Everglades National Park eco-system. Later the locals around Everglades City, FL found these airboats were a great way to travel in the swamplands of the Florida Everglades. Opening up vast grasslands of Florida’s wetlands to hunt frog and for airboat tours Everglades City, FL.

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