Backwater Fishing Experience with Pure Florida


By: Andrew Border, Pure Florida Jr. Captain

Andrew Border is a Jr. Captain for Pure Florida. Born and raised in Naples, FL, he has a certified USCG 6-pack license.

If you have been to Naples, Florida, either for vacation or just stopping through, one thing is absolute – you either went fishing or thought about going. Naples is a prime fishing location that has both deep-sea and calm water, back-bay fishing. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get out on the water and experience both types of fishing, Pure Florida offers the best of both worlds with head boats and private charters that passengers of all ages can enjoy.
KUDU II-port-side
When fishing the backwaters of Naples with Pure Florida, you have the option of either taking the Naples Explorer or the Kudu II. The Naples Explorer, a head boat, can accommodate up to 17 passengers and the Kudu II, a private charter, is offered to parties as small as one and as large as six. Private charters offer an isolated experience for guests to fish or spend quality time with friends or family, for up to eight-hours. In addition, the private charters offer a one-on-one experience with the captain and crew. Both Pure Florida experiences offer great fishing adventures for friends, family, kids and adults.
During fishing trips, we target fish that originate from the mangroves, estuaries and reserves. You might wonder, “What kind of fish are we going to catch?” Depending on the season that you decide to go fishing, the backwaters of Naples are thriving with a variety of fish.

Although you can find different types of species year-round, during certain months it is easier to find certain fish that you may be in search of. In the winter months, you will begin to see the larger sheepshead, trout and pompano moving throughout the backwaters. These species of fish can typically be found in deeper holes or structures in or along the mangroves. Although the snook, redfish and tarpon are harder to catch during the winter, they are still around. When targeting redfish, it is important to search for oyster beds, grass flats and sand bars. These locations are where the redfish tend to gather because of the warm waters and typically where they eat.

Pure Florida_Naples Explorer_Family Fishing 2

When backwater fishing, most people target the snook because they tend to sit still in moving water or currents. When searching for snook, target the mouths of rivers especially at the points. Redfish and snook are a few of Southwest Florida’s backwaters most sought after fish. Redfish and snook put up a great fight and if they are in season, also taste great.

Pure Florida_Young Catch

Whether you are out fishing on your own or taking a backwater charter, having the right tackle is vital to having a successful fishing trip. Using a spinner reel with a good medium fast action rod is my favorite, 15-20 lb. braid or lighter line with about a 2-3 ft. leader of fluorocarbon. You will need a variety of different size hooks, as well as weights. Lures or soft plastic jigs also work well. You can use key points, such as researching size, weight and different types of bait to ensure that you are getting the most out of your fishing experience.

Overall, if you’re looking for a great adventure then fishing the backwaters of Naples will be an experience you will never forget. Naples offers some of the best fishing and even a bad day of fishing is better than a great day at work. So, the next time you find yourself in the Naples area, come on down to Pure Florida and let us give you an experience of a lifetime.